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Laura approaches her paintings with a sense of movement that reflects her dance background. Gesture and mark-making are important aspects of her practice. She has improvised with musicians and dancers, exploring what's in the moment. Laura's work is about beauty, mystery and connection.

Laura has exhibited throughout Colorado and internationally. She has participated in numerous juried shows and studio tours, and her paintings are part of private and institutional collections.

Artist Statement

Unexpected surprises - the magic of uncovering form and color inspires me. Day-to-day life slips away as I scribble, painting with my fingers, and dancing the paint around with brushes and palette knifes - always following the movement. 


If I can paint something that stops a person for a moment and allows them to see things in a new way, to access their own creativity, we are both changed, as we communicate on a deeper level. This is what I aim for in my work.”

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Denver Life Magazine arts highlight February 2022


Gallery Representation

D'art Gallery, Denver, CO

Creative Framing Gallery, Louisville, CO

The Creative Sanity Book Project

Artist's work and their musings while in the Zone - 27 artists from 10 different countries

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International Exhibit

Wenlin Art Gallery/Museum, Kunming, China - November 2018

Paintings of the American West by Women Artists promoted by

Denver-Kunming Sister City International and the Colorado China Council



Art Students League of Denver Juried Artist, Denver, CO

Open Studios Juried Artist, Boulder, CO

NOBO Arts, Boulder, CO

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